Mark Jakubowski


"The uncanny rocks my world. I get high on funky peculiarities. I think out of order. Colors are magic."

With no formal art education beyond high school art classes, I’ve had the freedom to explore and develop my skills, preferences, and style without being restricted to “traditional” art structures. I’ve always been attracted to humor, as well as concepts and images that are usually deemed “irregular” or “strange." Over time, these affinities became catalysts for, as well as ingredients in, my artwork. 

When building new ideas for my art, I tend to begin by envisioning the image when viewed “normally.” Then I rebuild it mentally, with slight or significant modifications, often infusing comedy into an otherwise serious or somber situation. I also have fun transforming familiar aspects of pop-culture (movies, music, television, video games, sports, news [as in people/places in the news], politics, fashion and technology) into new, uniquely stylized creations

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